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Company History

  • 2023.06.

    Certification of Excellent Technology Enterprise (by NICE Information Service Co. No. NICE-2023-77-001079)

  • 2020.05.

    Certificate of Excellent Technology (by Korea Enterprise Data, No. FTS-2020-00885)

  • 2019.08.

    Venture company registration (by KOREA TECHNOLOGY FINANCE CORPORATION, No. 20190109006)

  • 2018.08.

    Registered as a water environment specialized construction business (by Gov. of Ulsan Metropolitan)

  • 2018.05.

    Registered as an affiliated ‘Water Environment Research Center (by Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication, No. 2018112360)

  • 2017.11.

    Promising Company Certification of Ulsan (by Ulsan Technopark, No. 2017-020)

  • 2013.06.

    Business relocation (791 Yongjamro Namgu Ulsan, Republic of Korea)

  • 2007.02.

    Business start (Ulsan Fine Chemical Center in Junggu Ulsan, Republic of Korea)

  • 2006.12.

    Established AQUOSYS Co., Ltd.